Passementerie is the French term for Trimmings.

It’s what we use to adorn our fabrics and embellish our homes with luxurious textures. Border your curtains, Edge your blinds - it’s not just about a fancy Tassle tie-back. We are now in an age where simple designs are current but with the use of a few little french tricks - we can texturise our furnishings and give them the edge they deserve.


Add some fun to your child’s bedroom - maybe on an in-exspensive lampshade that you’ve picked up or some linen Ikea curtains that you’ve just bought.

Adding trimmings or borders to the edges of these items will lift the room and give you a satisfying feeling of something a little bit different and special without blowing the budget.


Simplicity is still preferred in many homes, neutral colours are still on point and cost less than printed fabrics. Trimming or edging your curtain with a border will give you a finishing touch that will lift your curtains probably more than the most current designer printed collections can offer. It also enables you to keep the plain curtains that you were maybe tired of and give them a new look. They are easy to attach with no machinery or sewing needed. Take a look here for trims that are easy to apply without any sewing.


So have some fun - we will deliver your selected trimmings, complete with a How To Guide on applying borders to curtains, blinds and lampshades.

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