Extra Ordinary Wall Coverings on Ceilings

You can transform a space in an unusual way quickly and simply by thinking outside the box and using Luxury Wall Coverings on the ceiling of a room instead of the walls!

The benefit of this is that the attention is drawn to a new ‘canvas’ in a room and it creates an instant interior design talking point. By using pattern on the ceiling the wall covering can create an illusion of a larger space or bring warmth to a room without losing any light or feeling in the room.

We used this beautiful Jim Thompson Wall covering with a geometric white pattern on a light green back ground to draw the eyes attention down the length of a more square shaped room and it creates the illusion of more space. The remainder of the room has then been decorated with un-patterned materials such as premium velvet fabrics, plain white painted walls and classic upholstery. By using low lamps instead of an overhead light the wall covering on the ceiling is lit beautifully and framed so that it becomes a visual focus in the room. Shop this fantastic paper below.

Jim Thompson- Centre Court Pavillion
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