Love Your Home Again


We’ve turned the cold corner and although we should have spent those miserable months on home improvement - we just couldn't get the motivation.  That’s how I felt anyway - as soon as the sun’s heat hits my skin I am revived and raring to go.  The outdoors beckons me first and foremost but after a few rays and some quality time spent with nature I am back at home feeling inspired and in love with life and my surroundings.  Here are a few pointers to start you off on your “loving your home again” journey without spending a penny.

1. Walk into every room and clear any surface of things that you have not used for a week or so. For me it’s the last 2 weeks Sunday papers, paperwork and mail on a table that should be either thrown away or filed. Kid’s toys, phone cables, keys - believe me have a look around and you’ll accumulate quite a few bits and bobs!

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2.  See what house plants you have and give them some time and attention.  It’s a great look for the house to bring the outside in and green is the go to colour this season.  Address how you show your plants to - if they are on the floor then think about raising them to a higher level or even hanging them from the ceiling so that they create height and space to your room. By varying heights when styling you are creating more depth within your space, which will result in a far more interesting layout. House plants are also a great way to purify the air.

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3.  Leave the house and walk back in - notice the first things that stick out that you don’t like. It could be the flooring  or too many coats and shoes cluttering up the space.  When you’ve discovered what it is, either declutter or draw the eye to something that you love.  You could rearrange artwork and make a gallery wall, add a statement rug or add a side table with one of those plants that you’ve brought back to life.  The idea is basically to redirect attention away from the bad stuff onto the good. And Re-styling your home with existing belongings is great for the bank balance.  Repeat this exercise for each room in the house.  Leave the room and walk back in - your first impression is always the correct one.

4.  Now that you’ve cleared your surfaces you need to look at your storage options.  Find a morning where you have an hour to spare -  you can even involve the kids.  Play a game where each of you have to throw away at least 5 items.  You’re not allowed to do anything else until you’ve all achieved your goal.  Try and repeat this exercise until it gets becomes harder to throw things away.  Start with the cupboard where everything gets stuffed  in as a hideaway  place - come on … we all have one !!  Each room will have storage (including the dreaded wardrobes) make your way through each one and only leave it when you have thrown away at least 5 items.  If you’re giving things away or donating them, don't leave them in a black sack in a corner somewhere - send them off the same day.

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